Litle Gabby

Gabby on the way to Oak Creek

In Septermber 2015 Little Gabby is ready to travel to Oak Creek.  She is just over a month old and a half sister to Mariella who is ready to have some company.

Getting to know her sister

The girls are hanging out in the barn and getting to know each other.

The personal touch

Gabby is the smallest of our ladies but has the biggest personality.  She snuggles up to you and just loves getting her neck brushed.  She will stand like that as long as you keep giving her attention.

Always the ham

Gabby always seems to find a way to just look a bit cuter than Mariella just because she is the baby of the group.

Waiting for the big day

Gabby is now expecting her first calf in March 2018.  She has been watching Windmill with Mariella and is a proud aunt.

Little Gabby's Family Tree

See her lines.

Greener Pastures

Gabby was out for a walk on the leash and was lead out to where we were working on the west fence line and turned loose to try some of the new grasses.  She loved it.

Quiet Scenery

Grass, grass everywhere and only so much she can eat.  Out in the main pasture Gabby is looking at the 50 acres that we usually bale for winter and to sell.

First calf

Meet Festus, Gabby's bull calf born April 3, 2018.  See his page below.