Welcome to Oak Creek Mini Jerseys.

Welcome to Festus

Getting his legs under him

The weather was nice a couple days after he was born so he was outside in the corral getting some sun and try get more steady on his legs.

Bonding with mom and the sun

With warm sunshine and a full tummy of milk Festus curls up with Gabby for a short nap.  Born 24 inches and 54 lbs we are now waiting on the results of the DNA testing to determine his genetics.  We will have them listed as soon as we get them.

Hanging out with his Dam

Festus is the first calf of Little Gabby and he was caught nursing then had to look away as he was busted.  His father is Dapper Dan.

About Us

Welcome to Oak Creek Mini Jerseys

Welcome!  Our beautiful farm is conveniently located in the center of the Kansas heartland.  We breed Mini-Jersey cows that carry the A2A2 Beta Casein genes. These lovable little cows are easy to care for and require very little acreage and grass to maintain our small herd.  They are excellent milk producers and are well-behaved in their stalls.


Research on the A2A2 Beta Casein gene is ongoing and has been debated since the 1980's.  However, recent studies have shown that the protein molecules in the milk produced from cows carrying the A2 genes may allow people with lactose intolerance to consume the milk with fewer side effects.  Regardless of the science, the milk coming from these cows tastes great!  

Our Mission

We believe in honest, christian values and good old-fashioned work to create a family oriented ranching lifestyle.  Our goal is to raise healthy cows on a clean and relaxed farm.  We want to raise cows that produce excellent sources of pure fresh milk that can integrate into any farm environment, including families with young future ranchers!  These little cows are good therapy for any family and have provided us with a lot of enjoyment.