Welcom to Oak Creek

Nuggets first morning at Oak Creek.  He had arrived the night before at 1 am and is meeting the new ladies in the neighborhood.

Checking out the pasture

Nugget came from eastern Tennessee off of Doe Creek Farm.  Mid September is a nice cool time of year in Kansas.

Looking forward to his birthday

Nugget will turn 3 years old in December so we can finalize his registration.  After that we will take him in and have him donate some semen for A.I.  These will be available next year.

Watching me

Nugget is giving me the stink eye while I am milking Mariella.  He is subtly requesting some grain or pellets for himself too.

Always looking at the ladies

Nugget is always close to the ladies on the farm.  He is very attentive but laid back too.  He has made a great addition to the farm.  We even walk out into the pasture and say hi to him.

Nugget's Family Tree

See his tree