Short Term Staff pictures


Brownie came to us when he was about 2 weeks old to help drink some milk.  He is a Charley/Red Baldy cross.  

Growing up

Brownie is a full size and actually from a larger breed.  Here you can see him at 3 months with Mariella behind him who is 3 years old and full grown.

Barn fun

We have been keeping a couple large bales of straw in the barn to use as bedding for the calves.  Brownie thinks he is part goat and climbed up to the top several times.


Whitey as he is white (I know not very origional) was born March 3, 2018 but his mother abandonded him so he came to us when he was only a day old and is doing well.  

Growing rates

He is a Charley/Black angus cross bull.  Here is he is standing next to Brownie.  In this picture there is about a 3 month difference in age.

Looking for more milk

Whitey had just finished his bottle and wanted more so he was sucking on Blackie's ear to try to get more.  These two are only 5 days apart in age.


Blackie was a twin with a brother.  He was not doing so well so he came to us for a couple days.  He became stronger and was returned tohis mother after only 3 days.  The problem was he was now very hungry and mom was not able to make enough milk for both so the girl Blackie came to join the staff

Enjoying the bottle

Blackie is a black angus cross and was the smallest of the twins.  She is very playful and is growing well.  These short timers will be with us until they are about 6 months old and weaned then will be sold.  If we still have too much milk more short term staff will be added.

Playing in the sun

One advantage to having several little ones is they have someone to play with.